Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where do i begin

Where do I begin... For my first post I guess should explain the reason or the direction I'm gonna take my blog. I basically want a place where I can express my thoughts views or raw emotions... I used to keep, and stlill do keep, my emotions and feelings bottled up inside... But I feel that maybe I should express them or at least get them out into the open. I never have been one to write a diary or journal, but this is different. Different cause Its just me and the keyboard... No pencils, pens or notebooks. I think of it as the closing scene from Dougie Howser M.D. Where he wrote in his computer diary... And as I write this I can hear the music in my head. To my friends and family don't be alarmed if you get mentioned in or become topic of one of my musings. I love you all and please take what is said with a grain of salt... Most of what is going to be said in this blog are raw uncensored and un edited comments... I appologise in advance if I step on toes or spark unexpected emotons in those that read this blog. I have the reputation of bieng hastey, brash and impulsive... Many of you love and respect me for that reason. There are the others that barely tolerate me and you know who know you are. This blog is not an attempt to win you over... But merely an open window into the inner sanctum that is Christopher Michael Siegert... There is that last set of folks that can't stand me at all... To you I say I'm sorry that my warped and twisted charm hasn't met your expectations. Please check back often... If you read somthing here that concerns you, and you feel it is something that should be discussed further, please don't hessitate to call, text or email me... Good Night, Best Wishes, and I Love You All